Primary school Mariagrün – Learning within crowns, 2010

The school is made accessible at the very top of a heavy slope. The overhanging study wing above the entrance level is designed as a reduced and therefore porous volume. Due to its simplicity the building integrates well to its vegetated surroundings. The generous and covered entrance area next to Schönbrunngasse establishes a strong relationship to the bordering open space.
The fully glazed ground floor is entered on the level of the open space. The public functions required by the space allocation plan are arranged around the central staircase. Hall, media zone and cloakroom are organized using sliding walls, the group and music rooms occupy the corner spaces.
Studying and teaching areas are located on the upper floor and are made accessible by a central, light-flooded entrance area, which also serves as breaking and informal communicative zone.
In principle the arrangement of space ought to be flexible, multifaceted and easily adaptable. Acquiring space and interacting within can be educational objectives. Infrastructural areas are placed in the 'trunk' of the tree house, studying areas in the top surrounded by the crowns of the bordering trees. With the greatest possible consideration of nature the design reduces the building area, the footprint, to a minimum to extend the relationship between school and landscape to a maximum.

Throughout the EU open and two-stage competition
Modelling: die modellbauer
Site: Schönbrunngasse, 8043 Graz
Client: Grazer Bau- und GrünlandsicherungsgesellschaftmbH.
Period: 2010
Gross floor area: 2249 m²