Small House in Hackenberg, 2012

This small house on the outskirts of Vienna fulfilled the spatial program of a single family home on a buildable gross floor area of not more than 50m2. With a maximum building height of 5.5 m and a plot size of 270 m2, we chose to search for a maximum of spaciousness. This was achieved by large openings in the facade and by the means of a open space concept. The imaginary game of proportions represents a deliberate deception and forms a welcome contrast to the surrounding buildings. The compact volume allows a generous garden area and is set on the edge of the plot. The centrally positioned internal staircase zones the open living and dining area on the ground floor. Integrated built-in furniture saves space and provides important storage space. The facade is dominated by the large glass elements with narrow, inset, opening elements. All rooms benefit from the optical extension outwards. The slight shift between openable and fixed element allows to ´inhabit´ the window from the inside, giving more depth to the façade from the outside.

The wooden house was built on a concrete basement floor and designed in a simple wood frame construction combined with massive BSH elements for ceilings and interior walls. The dominant window detail (fixed glazing with internal opening wings) could be implemented through the use of wood and without great technical effort. The centrally positioned solid wood column allows simplified Details and does not appear on the facade. The low-energy house has been equipped with a solar system for hot water and has a spec. Heat demand of 40 kWh / m2 / a.

Team: Irena Keller, Jakob Poppinger
Photos: Ditz Fejer
Rendering: workspace
Location: Hackenberg, 1190 Wien
Client: private
Year: 2010 – 2012
Floor area: 139 m²