Community and cultural crentre Ischgl, 2012

The space around the new community and cultural centre of Ischgl (one of the biggest ski resorts in Austria) is still dominated by alpine, rural structures: untouched meadows, old building substance and farming structures in between massive hotel complexes. The establishing combination of an existing church, music pavilion and farming in a historical and modern context gives a new identity to a community totally aligned to tourism housing.
A new square situated in front of the church and surrounded by a new music pavilion and the public cultural centre should become the new main attraction for the inhabitants. The community and cultural centre contains spaces like a light entrance hall an rehearsal room and several needed storage rooms for music instruments. The position of the new buildings generates a functional and spacial framing and creates in the same time intimacy by preventing existing views and ways.
An old run down farm house is converted to a museum, while its surrounding meadows should be re taken by farm cows.

Award, invited competition 2012
Team: Jakob Poppinger, Julius Wahle
Visualisation: workspace
Landscape architecture: lindle_bukor
Site: St. Nikolaus, Gemeinde Ischgl
Client: Dorferneuerung Tirol
Period: 2012
Gross floor area: 696 m² (Neubau), 139 m² (Zubau)